10 Ways to Avoid Vape Explosions (Part 1)
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Electronic cigarettes and vape devices are now used worldwide by people opting for a harm-reducing alternative to traditional cigarettes or other tobacco products. But as the popularity has grown, so too has the number of un- or at least under-educated novices.


Let’s start off by being clear that the occurrence of an exploding vape device is an extremely uncommon and unlikely event. For a baseline, the U.S. Fire Administration has reported only 25 e-cigarette related injuries from 2009-2014. However, when the news media gets wind of a such a story it becomes inflated and sensationalized, giving an appearance of commonality that isn’t really there.


Here are ten ways to avoid a vape device explosion:


1. Always buy American


The majority of vape devices are made overseas and this is one of the main causes vape device incidents. International manufacturers are not regulated to the same standards as American vape companies. Regulations which ensure product quality as well as customer safety.


2. Brand-names are usually more credible


Buying from an established and well-reviewed manufacturer can significantly reduce the risks of purchasing an inferior product. We understand the desire to buy cheap and many lesser brands offer convincing knock-offs of more expensive models. But the reasons why they’re able to sell them so cheap is often because they’re cutting corners elsewhere.


3. Read the instructions. Read them again.


Unboxing a new mod can have you feeling like a kid again on Christmas morning. We understand. But in order to prevent device malfunction or misuse it’s extremely important to read the instructions.


4. Don’t overheat your atomizer


This is a common novice mistake. The atomizer is activated by a button on your mod or device and only takes a couple seconds to heat up. Do not hold down the buttons for too long, you should never heat your atomizer for longer than 5 seconds. Dangers include damage to your mod and igniting the device.


5. Keep away from water


This one should be easy enough to commit to memory. Electricity and water do not mix. Keep the device, and especially the battery, away from water and moisture-rich areas. The only time water should come into contact with your device or mod is during cleaning. Heat atomizer, then dip it in some water to wash off any built-up residue from your coil.


Catch up with us next week as we go over the last 5 ways to avoid vape device explosions.