10 Ways to Avoid Vape Explosions (Part 2)
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Last week we discussed five tips to help avoid an accidental vape pen malfunction or explosion. This week we will be finishing up with the final five steps.


But first, let’s reiterate again that the occurrence of an exploding vape device is an extremely uncommon and unlikely event. For a baseline, the U.S. Fire Administration has reported only 25 e-cigarette related injuries from 2009-2014.


Here are the final five ways to avoid a vape device explosion:


Proper battery storage


Many of the media-highlighted vape device mishaps were the result of improper battery storage. Whenever traveling with a vape device it’s recommended that you detach the battery from the device and store in a separate, closed case or container. Do NOT place a battery in pocket with coins or keys as this can cause a short and explosion.


Use the right device charger


Data released from FEMA found that 80% of e-cig and vape device explosions occurred while charging. More specifically, the device was charging with an alternative charger not sold with the original battery. You should ONLY use the native charger for your device as it’s been designed to be 100 percent compatible.


Never over-charge


Keep your eyes on your device while it’s charging to make sure you can remove it as soon as it’s finished. Overcharging a battery can lead to overheating, malfunctions, or (you guessed it) explosions.


Clear the charging area


It’s normal for a battery to warm up during charging, minimize risks by removing anything flammable from the area where you are charging the device. That way, in the unlikely event that it does catch fire, there will be no kindling around to feed it.


Use common sense


If a reasonable person wouldn’t do it, then you shouldn’t either. Exercise caution and practice safety with any vape device or e-cigarette.