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Do You Have An eGo Style?

Do You Have An eGo Style?In this tutorial, we will cover variable voltage (eGo-C Twist) batteries, clearomizers, cartomizers, atomizers, resistances, battery capacity, top and bottom coil tanks, and ejuice.The eGo is an extremely popular model in the e-cig industry. It’s affordable, has great battery life, and it supports low-resistance atomizers and provides some of the […]

eJuice Flavor of The Week – Leonidas

eJuice Flavor of The Week – LeonidasIntroducing our eJuice Flavor of The Week!!!Only $12.99! Limited Time Only!A flavorful mixture of the sweetest fruits with a dash of cream that brings it all together, and coats your palette with it’s perfect taste! This is the perfect flavor for anybody who wants to kick it up a […]

Sub-Ohm Sweet Ohm For Vaping

 Are you a newbie to vaping? Still learning the ins and outs of sub-ohm vaping? We can help. If you’ve quit smoking cigarettes or you’re a vaping ‘hobbyist’, here are some great tips. First, sub-ohm vaping produces a large amount of vapor and produces a stronger nicotine hit. Ejuice flavors are also enhanced. If that’s […]

What You Need To Know About Vaping

What You Need To Know About Vaping The idea of vaping is not always well understood but this should help. Just keep in mind that resistance is a measure of an opposing force against current. Thicker wires give the current an easier time flowing but the resistance is lower. Dual coils have current with two […]

Flavor of The Week

Flavor of The Week We our proud to announce that this week’s flavor of the week is Unicorn’s Blood. Unicorn Blood is a powerful mixture of fruits from sour to sweet that will give you a bright flavor profile with every drag! This flavor will only be available in-store ONLY at any of our locations in […]