Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Latest Study Behind Secondhand Vaping

There was a study recently published that came out with some interesting results. It studied 54 people who do not use any nicotine in 5 different living environments. These 54 subjects were divided out into different categories for their living situations. 25 of the subjects were living with cigarette smokers, 5 lived with individuals who […]

Flavor Of The Week: Papa Smurf

A delightful blend of wild blueberries, and smooth cream engulf your taste-buds leaving a wonderful aroma and flavor.

eLiquids Now Will Require Child Proof Packaging

Recently, there was a bill that was unanimously approved by the US Senate’s Commerce Committee. This new bill requires that all caps on eLiquids must have a childproof safety feature. This is good for a variety of reasons; the most obvious being that it will protect all of the kids that are around e-cig juice products.  Another […]

Flavor Of The Week: French Horchata

This flavor is a mix of rich french vanilla, and creamy horchata with a dash of cinnamon!

Latest New York Court Ruling: Vaping Is NOT Smoking

A large amount of disagreements constantly surround the subject of e-cigarettes. The idea of their fate being up to a judge’s single ruling is no surprise to many. An ordinary thing for e-cigarette smokers is regurally having to  defend them to the general misinformed public. A decision coming from a New York judge was a shock for many, especially for those […]

Customer Appreciation Day

Date – Saturday, March 19th   Raffle to be held: First Prize – Free Mod and Tank, no purchase necessary Second Prize – Free bottle of juice Third prize – 20% off anything   First 10 customers get 20% off anything   All goods are 10% off all day Happy Hour – From 4PM to […]

Flavor Of The Week: Peach Cream Soda

A tasty juice that’s perfect for any time of the day. Sweet peach blended with cream and a splash of cola creates this exotic flavor!

Flavor Of The Week: Rich Chocolate

A luxurious experience when it comes to chocolate e-liquid.  It will surely satisfy the savory lovers craving!

Vaping and Ways To Inhale – What you Should Know

Often times, the part of vaping that gets overlooked is the actual manner in which you vape. Being more specific to the subject, the way your mouth reacts to the mixture of  the vapor and how you inhaling. Even though it is often forgotten, looking a little deeper into the subject could drastically improve your vaping understanding. There are […]

Do Ecigs Present A Public Health Threat?

Government officials use this argument to propose bills that plan on controlling the usage of electronic cigarettes by classifying them as tobacco goods. There have been a few reports that have claimed to find trace amounts of nitrosamines in ecig cartridges. This is just about the same amount as in a nicotine patch as well […]