Monthly Archives: April 2016

Vaping and the Ways It Can Help You to Quit Smoking

One of the hottest debates among health professionals is whether vaping is a safe way for traditional cigarette smokers to quit or cut-down on their smoking. With all the debates, according to Web MD, current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. The biggest concern in traditional cigarettes are the […]

Flavor Of The Week: Orange Tik Tak

A fond memory and a delicious flavor!  It delivers a tangy bright orange flavor with just the right amount of sweet.

Flavor Of The Week: Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a smooth and delightful fruit flavor that delivers the perfect amount of sweet! 

Flavor Of The Week: Honey Scotch Tobacco

Honey Scotch Tobacco is a stout tobacco blended with hints of butterscotch, and honey!

Flavor Of The Week: Pom Berry Blend

A deliciously bright mix of pomegranate, blueberry, and cream!