Monthly Archives: November 2016

Flavor of the Week- Strangle Berry (Frankenberry Cereal)

A mixture of strawberry frosted cereal with the perfect amount of milk, and delivers a flavor that’s perfect for the all-day vape.

Could Vaping Help Reduce Your Blood Pressure?

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are prime causes for premature death. Having high blood pressure is a crucial factor that will push you towards a disastrous future. Furthermore, maintaining an unhealthy weight and lacking physical activity isn’t beneficial. Smokers who understand this concept grapple with the choice to quit and lower their blood pressure or to […]

Flavor of the Week – Candy Corn

  Delivers a signature flavor profile, and leaves an addicting after taste that takes you back to your childhood.

Flavor Of The Week: Birthday Cake V2

Soft vanilla cake with sweet icing, and a fresh scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top!

Yet Another Reason To Vape: Weight Control

One huge concern for people who quit smoking is gaining weight. In fact, this is not just paranoid speculation because the average cigarette quitter gains more than 11 pounds on average within the first year of quitting. That’s a scary fact to many who want to ensure that they are controlling their weight for health and aesthetic […]

Flavor of the Week- Lemon Pound Cake

A delicious concoction of fluffy yellow cake with tart lemon zest, completed by a fine drizzle of vanilla icing!