Monthly Archives: January 2017

Flavor of the Week-Raspberry Crumble

Tart raspberry fused with hints of crumbly pie crust topped off with vanilla whipped cream.

The Basics Of Vaping Tricks

If you’re a vaper, or even if you aren’t, you’ve perhaps seen videos of cool vaping tricks. Fundamentally, these tricks entail handling the vapor so that it appears a certain way. There are numerous tricks that you can master and make your own for your entertainment or for your friend’s. How can you manipulate the […]

Flavor of the Week- Fire Rum Horchata

A fiery and bold flavor that delivers a punch, with a smooth horchata finish.

Flavor of the Week- Hot Cocoa

Smooth, rich hot chocolate blended with warm milk and fluffy marshmallows.

A Year In Review For Vaping

Vaping is still a comparatively new concept and practice and it has surely been at the center of culture and disagreement. With all the exposure that vaping has produced, there were sure to be some strong-willed opponents and persevering heroes. And because of the attention that vaping has had in this past year, it only […]

Flavor of the Week- Creme de Menthe

A peppermint liqueur consisting of a smooth mixture of bourbon and Jamaican rum.