7 Vape Mistakes That Lead to Burnt Taste
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One of the worst feelings when you go to take a rip from your vape device is getting a mouthful of burnt taste. A dry or burnt hit can occur for several reasons. But thankfully, we have compiled a list of seven you can watch out for:


Here are seven of the major causes of burnt vape hits:


1. Your coil is dead


Your vape device, just like everything else, requires some routine maintenance. And this includes changing out your coils after a while. Old and worn out coils are unable to produce good flavor and will result in burnt or dry hits.


2. Don’t miss prime time


If you’ve figured out that it’s time for you to change your coil, then great! But not that that’s done, don’t forget to prime it. Take a few drops of e-juice and put it on your cotton or wicks and allow to sit for at least 30-minutes. This will saturate the wick and ensure optimal flavor.


3. Watt are you doing?


Turn down your wattage, bro. If you’ve just installed a new coil and attempt to vape at upwards of 150 watts, you’re not going to enjoy what you get. Start low and build.


4. Sweet with a sour aftertaste


Sweeter e-juices can actually cut the lifetime usage of your coils as the juice will burn onto their surface. Something to keep in mind if you prefer the sweeter side of life.


5. Sloooow dooown


Chain vapers and those who vape repeatedly and quickly probably experience more dry hits. This is because you’re not giving your coil time to cool down between vapes.


6. So fresh and so clean (clean)


If your coil still has some life in it, it may benefit from a cleaning. Clean coils provide the best flavor and are a great way to avoid that burnt taste.


7. Sweater weather forever


Cold weather can have a surprising effect on your vape device by causing e-juice to thicken preventing it from wicking properly. Make sure to keep your device and e-juice out of the cold.


These are just seven mistakes vapers make that lead to burnt or dry hits. There are a few more but these are some of the major players.