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This place has the best flavors and the best service. And the store looks great!
Brent Irish
| Via Google
Good service; truly loved the people so no beef there at all. Device selection also good but prices are little inflated even for a brick & mortar shop - as we've come to expect with any chain of stores. Juice quality is mid to low, their PG/VG ratios are not set: premade with lackluster ingredients. Additionally, their nicotine is too harsh to run in anything except like a protank. When I visited (not sure if this is still the case - weeks later) they carried no premium juice lines. When I asked if the did, I was told that 'all their juice is premium'... psht... For those that don't know, "premium juice" is an industry-coined term describing juices made and bottled by ouside companies (suicide bunny, space jam, deep blue, etc etc) that can be picked up and sold by ANY vape shop and sold at the manufacturers required minimums. According to my undersganding, Vapor Galleria has its own lab which makes all the juice for all the locations. I take no issue with this at all... I prefer juice to be made in big batches to ensure consistency between bottles (as I'm sure many vape snobs like myself do)... just please don't train your employees to twist the industry terminology to sucker the nubies into spending money... Step it up vape fam! We gotta take up for each other! Overall - this probbaly is a decent shop for beginners, but there are better way shops around this area. Getting people off cigarettes is one thing, but always look for a shop that know its stuff. Customer service, variety, quality, and price points are my main criterium. If you value different things in a vape shop, then this review probably does you no good whatsoever, lol. REMEMBER: Always check out a variety of shops to find the one that fits you best! Good luck to this shop and its customers.
Aj Johnson
| Via Google
Exceptional customer service!!! Awesome juice and the latest hardware!! Come in and see for yourself!!!
Carla Maria Schiavoni
| Via Facebook
Best vapor shop ever! At first, I was pretty nervous about coming to this shop. I was afraid I wouldn’t find the right flavors or having poor customer service. Boy! was I wrong. When I walked in, I was greeted and had plenty of help from the employees. They explained all the flavors they had, what ingredients are in the juices, and also the nicotine level that would be the right fit for me. I was so mind blown of how knowledgeable and helpful they were. Adrianna and Angus are the two most sweetest people you can ever meet. Every time I come back they always make me feel welcomed. I’ve been to many vape stores in Arlington, Irving, Keller you name it. This by far is the best one. 🙂
Darling Jess
| Via Google
Just went in for a Falcon M-Triple coil and both guys there were super friendly and helpful! In and out in less than 3 minues, definitely a record time in a shop for me. I love that these guys understand a shop shouldn't close at 8pm on a Friday!!
Samantha Torres
| Via Google
Customer service is amazing! Carla, the manager of this location, goes above and beyond to ensure her customers leave happy and with a great product. The staff is always friendly when assisting me with my vape needs. Additionally, they are very knowledgeable when answering any questions. This store carries a wide variety of mods and tasty vape flavors. I used to shop at multiple vapor/ecig stores but now I only have one place in mind. Thank you for a great customer experience, Carla and crew.
Justin Devine
| Via Google
One of the most inviting, friendly and knowledgeable places I've been to! Chris was very passionate about his job and gave lots of good recommendations and information! Great visit. Melonberry fusion is a MUST TRY!!!
kate harris
| Via Google
The way the girls handle their customers is amazing. They are so nice and friendly, always making you feel welcomed! The prices are higher than other vape shops but for the quality of the juice and customer service it is by far a bargain deal. I stop here at least once a week and every time I come in it's always like a huge welcome home party. They sure do make sure I'm taken care of and don't leave with out a smile!
Kris Cloutier
| Via Google
Great and friendly service.
Luis Andrade
| Via Google
Friendly and helpful! Great prices and amazing staff! I’ve been to several area vapor stores and this one is hands down the best!
Jen Hursey
| Via Google