Common Vape Problems and Simple Solutions (Part 2)
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This is the follow-up to our previous post about common vape problems and their super simple solutions. Continue reading to learn how you can fix these issues that many vapers have experienced:

Not Enough Flavor

If you feel that you aren’t getting enough flavor from your vape it could be a couple of issues. The first is the PG content. Most flavorings are PG-based so if you have a higher PG-content liquid then you’ll be enjoying flavor town. At Vapor Galleria we have a ton of flavors for you to choose from, stop on in and let us help you find the right one!

You could also look in to changing your coil. Right now the Mesh-style coils are all the rage. Mesh coils have a lot of surface area and are great at producing a fuller, richer flavor than your normal wrap-style coils. Most tanks out today have a Mesh option so just ask one of our Vapor Galleria reps if you can get one for your tank!

Your Vape Tastes Burnt

If your vape tastes burnt it is because the coil itself is burnt. This will naturally happen over time as the cotton can only take so much heat before it will eventually burn. Another common burn issue arises from using your vape too quickly after putting in a new coil. After proper priming of the cotton you should still let your vape sit anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the coil) so that the liquid can continue to properly saturate the cotton. If you rush this process you can definitely burn the coil out very quickly. At Vapor Galleria we’ve got your coil needs covered so stop on in and grab a pack!

e-Liquid In Your Mouth

This is a common complaint among vapers. The most common cause of this is the same as a leaky tank- OVER-SATURATION. An easy way to tell if your coil is over-saturated is to listen for a gurgling noise when you vape. It’ll sound similar to drinking soda through a blocked straw. When the cotton is oversaturated and you go to vape on the tank the excess liquid has two options, either get pulled through to the mouth piece or leak out of the air flow. The solution is to burn off that excess saturation by firing the mod and blowing in to the mouthpiece two or three times. That’ll help rid the cotton of that excess liquid and get you back on the right track!

Battery Issues

The batteries in a mod are just like any other batteries in your life. They only have so much life to give before they need to be replaced. Most vape batteries have 250 charge cycles to them before they’ll cease holding a good charge. They will still technically work at this point but you’ll find yourself charging them more often. If you’re in this situation then it may be time to get yourself a new set of batteries. At Vapor Galleria we stock all of the top battery brands for your vaping needs!

If you have new batteries but you’re still getting mod issues it could be a short in the motherboard. This can happen for any number of reasons but will be nearly impossible to fix. This solution in most cases is a replacement vape. If you’re in need of a new mod then come check us out at Vapor Galleria! We’ve got all of the newest mods on the scene and something to suit everybody’s needs!

Stop into your local Vapor Galleria store today for all your e-liquid, device, and CBD needs!