Consistently Clean E-Cigs
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Electronic cigarette e-cigaretteGerms are most likely the last thought on most vapers minds when giving thought to their vaping piece. As much as people would like to ignore the subject forever, germs and cleaning your e-cig regularly are important pointers that need to stay on the top of your e-cig maintenance list. Regularly cleaning the germs and viruses that through multiple ways get into your e-cig will help you remain healthy. Here is one of many key preventative measures that you can take for the fight against germs and viruses.


The Mouthpiece


The mouthpiece ranks number one on which piece of your e-cig needs the best and most frequent clean. I’m sure that if you have been vaping for a while, then you have most likely experienced a crusty buildup on your mouthpiece. That buildup is due too a combination of saliva and food particles that are a breading ground for germs to grow and possibly infect your body. A very quick and simple solution is to clean (both outside and inside) of your mouthpiece every day. This will prevent those buildups from ever happening on your e-cig.