Do Ecigs Present A Public Health Threat?
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Ecigs Present A Public Health Threat?Government officials use this argument to propose bills that plan on controlling the usage of electronic cigarettes by classifying them as tobacco goods. There have been a few reports that have claimed to find trace amounts of nitrosamines in ecig cartridges. This is just about the same amount as in a nicotine patch as well as 14,000 lower than in a regular tobacco cigarette. There has failed to be a study to discover any kind of toxic nitrosamines in the vapor that ecigs produce.


The truth is that it is almost impossible to 100% avoid nitrosamines because they are created when vegetables are consumed. A Clearstream-AIR study has found that second-hand vaping to be safer than breathing the air of a large city. The study showed that ecigs are not producing detectable amounts of toxic substances.


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