eLiquids Now Will Require Child Proof Packaging
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Ecig atomizer and ejuice splash. High quality renderRecently, there was a bill that was unanimously approved by the US Senate’s Commerce Committee. This new bill requires that all caps on eLiquids must have a childproof safety feature. This is good for a variety of reasons; the most obvious being that it will protect all of the kids that are around e-cig juice products. 


Another reason this new bill is a positive thing for e-cigarette users is that it will reduce the amount of attacks that many people have on e-cigarettes. There have been a few incidents of young children getting their hands on e-juices and unfortunately poisoned. Basically, the parents are not being responsible and letting their kids get their hands on the e-juice unsupervisied. Because of these irresponsible parents, e-cigarettes are unfairly being demonized when there is a simple solution to this safety problem.


Read More: https://vaping.com/news/child-proofing-for-e-liquids-on-agenda-in-us-senate/