Have E-Cigarettes Done Their Purpose?
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Electronic and normal cigaretteThe outcomes caused by smoking cigarettes have proven to be disastrous to a body. All of your organs have the potential to be damaged as well as your risk of any kind of smoking related illnesses drastically increasing. After years of gathering knowledge about the effects of cigarette smoking, 40 million Americans still continue the habit.


That does not mean that all of those 40 million smokers actually want to continue smoking. The CDC released a report saying that 70% of current cigarette smokers stated that they want to quit. A little over 42% have stated that they have actually tried to quit within this past year.


In 2010, there was a change in cigarette sales in the U.S. A 10% decrease in tobacco sales was due to the federal cigarette tax being raised also the rising popularity of e-cigarettes. The global sale of smokeless tobacco products has grown to nearly 3 billion and continues to grow. As many as one-fifth of all cigarette smokers have attempted to quit tobacco by trying some type of smokeless tobacco.


Although some e-cigarettes do look like normal cigarettes, they could not be more different. One is a tobacco-free product that heats up liquid to create vapor and the other burns tobacco to create smoke. Research how smoking tobacco and vaping via e-cigarettes are different and know the facts for yourself.


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