Is Electronic Cigarette Vapor Toxic?
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Man with concealed identity smoking a vape Recent studies have suggested that vaping, or e-cigarettes, do not cause any damage to the lungs. British American Tobacco funded a study where results showed no damaging effects to the lungs. This is a good sign for those who choose to use electronic cigarettes.



Models of human lung cells were created by the MatTek Corporation to use in these studies. Replicas of these lung cells were introduced to two different types of e-cig vapor, plain air and tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke caused these cells to die, but after several doses of vapor from e-cigarettes, research showed tissue damage to the airway was “similar to the effects of air”.



More test are planned for the future and this discussion will continue on for years. However, the consensus is that vaping is always going to be the safer option that smoking.


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