The Latest Study Behind Secondhand Vaping
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Cig VS E-cigThere was a study recently published that came out with some interesting results. It studied 54 people who do not use any nicotine in 5 different living environments. These 54 subjects were divided out into different categories for their living situations. 25 of the subjects were living with cigarette smokers, 5 lived with individuals who used ecigarettes, and 24 lived in homes with no smokers and no vapers.


The levels of nicotine in the air were measured and recorded. The mean concentration of nicotine in the smoking homes was 0.74 µg/m3, in vaping homes was 0.13 µg/m3, and in control homes was found to be 0.02 µg/m3.


Yes, there are small levels of nicotine found in the houses that use ecigarettes but that does not necessarily mean that’s dangerous. Throughout the study, they mention that they find nicotine but make no mention of if that level is at all dangerous for anyone around the vapor.


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