New Cancer Research Backs Vaping Over Smoking
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If you are already a member in the world of vape, then you know that there are individuals, groups, and entire governments that are vigorously working against vaping. Many tend to site misconceptions about the dangers of vaping for their justification. But, what these people are hearing and siting are often mainstream, false statements. Fortunately, there are credible researchers conducting studies that help us uncover the truth, which is that vaping isn’t unsafe especially in comparison to smoking.


More Research 

One of the newest studies initiating from the U.K. has reinforced the notion that vaping is safer in terms of health compared to smoking. The study was conducted by observing ex-smokers using nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), ex-smokers vaping exclusively for at least six months, and current smokers.


The study’s results demonstrated that vaping greatly decreased their exposure to cancerous toxins. Some of the most hazardous carcinogens were found at the lowest levels with those who abandoned smoking. One element found in several cancers that smokers face (NNAL) was reduced by a grand total of 97 percent. The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) were similar. For example, acrolein is believed to be the root of lung cancer and had reduced existence by about 67 percent.


Dual users, people who used a mixture of vaping or NRT and smoking, did not show momentous distinction in cancerous levels compared to full-time smokers.


The Conclusion 

Experts are weighing in on this study delivering positive feedback. Dr. Siegel of Boston University went so much as to say, “The bottom line of this study is that there is now no scientific uncertainty: vaping is much safer than smoking.”


So if you were on the fence about trying to switch to vaping, know that you can do so with complete confidence. You can quit smoking today by transitioning to vaping. Visit your local vaping store for more information.