Pennsylvania Vape Tax To Possibly Be Eliminated
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Vape E-cigarette VaporIf you own a shop that sells vaping products in Pennsylvania, you will come across a 40 percent “floor tax” that applies to every piece of merchandise you purchase. The new tax will be introduced on October 1, 2016 and is a difficult hit for small business owners.


The 40 percent wholesale tax has had visible pushback as vapers and vape owners come to terms with what such a change would entail. It would mean that most owners are probably going to increase their prices to make up for the loss, affecting vapers and their profits.


A shop owner, Chris Hughes, is working to win the election for his district as state representative in order to have a state and national level influence on the tax. He is proposing an alternative, which would reduce the tax to five cents per milliliter on every bottle of e-liquid sold. This compromise between protecting vape shop owners and making money for the state may be able to work out if Hughes is elected. However, Hughes has to win first in order to be a representative for the state and vapers everywhere. He is running as a write-in candidate for the 84th District.


If the bill passes soon, around 300 Pennsylvania shops could be saved from decreasing profits that could end in ultimate business death. Vaping has been a hot topic within politics and health. But, the facts have to be known to make the right decisions. Vaping is not nearly as dangerous as tobacco products and are a much safer alternative. In fact, vaping is 95% safer (health wise) than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.


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