Smokeless Tobacco- The Facts
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close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigaretteSmokers and heavy drinkers are normally the ones that are most likely to develop mouth cancer. There are considerably less incidents of mouth cancer in those who used snuff, chewing tobacco, or did any other smokeless tobacco product. 40 plus years of research has concluded that smoke has much more harmful long-term effects on the body.


With this information coming out, there are bound to be plenty of critics. Not to anyone’s surprise, there have been dentists speaking up and disagreeing with this conclusion. Some dentists say that they have seen plenty of cases of mouth cancer caused from smokeless tobacco products.


Looking more into the data surrounding that issue, there is a way to figure out who is right. We will start in Oklahoma, the most extreme number of cases of mouth cancer in the U.S. with that state being 11% higher than the nations average per year. According to the SEER program at the National Cancer Institute, the national incidence rate for mouth cancer is 23 cases per 100,000. Comparing with Oklahoma, they have census dada showing there are 716,468 men age 45+ so we can say that 183 cases of mouth cancer per year.


That might look like a bunch of numbers right now but it quickly gets fun for smokeless tobacco lovers. If you add in the 2038 dentists in Oklahoma currently, it works out each individual dentist would on average see only 1 case of mouth cancer caused by smokeless tobacco every 11 years! The truth is very clear in this instance: dentists just do not see this problem occurring on a normal basis


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