Vaping and Ways To Inhale – What you Should Know
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Vaping and Ways To Inhale – What you Should Know Often times, the part of vaping that gets overlooked is the actual manner in which you vape. Being more specific to the subject, the way your mouth reacts to the mixture of  the vapor and how you inhaling. Even though it is often forgotten, looking a little deeper into the subject could drastically improve your vaping understanding. There are many methods that we could go deeper into and new ones constantly evolving.



There are two major approaches to how you can hit an e-cigarette. There is the Mouth To Lung (MTL) approach and there is also the Direct Lung Inhale (DLI) approach. Both of these ways of vaping yields extremely different outcomes. MTL is more similar to that of smoking a cigarette while DLI can be compared to taking hits from a shisha pipe or hookah.



The reasons why these too methods are so different vary. Various qualities of the ecigarette including ohm resistance, strength of the battery, as well as airflow affect the way the vaping experience turns out. Another factor in the experience is how the person vaping interacts with their kit. Little tweaks and changes can produce the unique perfect vaping experience.



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