Vaping and the Ways It Can Help You to Quit Smoking
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Electronic cigarette e-cigaretteOne of the hottest debates among health professionals is whether vaping is a safe way for traditional cigarette smokers to quit or cut-down on their smoking. With all the debates, according to Web MD, current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. The biggest concern in traditional cigarettes are the toxins given off by the tobacco products. There are no tobacco products in e-cigarettes. Tests done on e-cigarettes have shown that the toxins given off by e-cigarettes may be less dangerous than those emitted by traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Safety issue about e-cigarettes are due to the few chemicals they contain, such as nicotine. The concern about nicotine in e-cigarettes is minimal due to the fact that the amount in any e-cigarette is controlled by the smoker. The nicotine is in the e–liquid. The amount of nicotine in an e-liquid can range from 24mg down to 0mg. For the traditional cigarette smoker trying to quit, being able to regulate the amount of nicotine in each e-cigarette is an ideal way to reduce the level of nicotine slowly and at his own pace.


Many e-cigarettes are made to look like traditional cigarettes. For the smoker that is trying to cut-down or quit the cigarette-like feel tends to be a comfort. The e-cigarette user inhales through a mouth-piece at one end. The air-flow triggers a sensor that switches on a battery-powered heater. The heater vaporizes the e-liquid that can be with or without nicotine in a small cartridge. This also activates a light at the other end of the e-cigarette, much like the lit end of a traditional cigarette. The heater also vaporizes propylene glycol, a chemical that makes what appears to be smoke. When the smoker inhales an e-cigarette he gets a puff of hot vapor that has the same sensation as a traditional tobacco cigarette.


Other benefits of vaping for the traditional tobacco cigarette smoker are the lesser costs for products and the bans on public smoking. The cost of traditional cigarettes per pack has sky-rocketed in recent years forcing smokers to look for cheaper alternatives. Although the costs vary with the types of products used in vaping, in general, e-cigarettes can be much more cost effective than traditional cigarettes. There are many different types of e-cigarettes to choose from. They can range from one-time use products to rechargeable and re-fillable brands. Another benefit of vaping is there are very few places that smoking e-cigarettes is restricted, unlike the many places where smoking traditional cigarettes are banned.


Vaping gives the traditional tobacco cigarette smoker a product that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette without the many health risks of the traditional tobacco product. This is an ideal solution for the traditional cigarette smoker trying to quit. For more information on how vaping can help you quit smoking please visit our Tarrant Vapor Store. Our knowledgeable staff can explain the benefits of vaping and set you up with a system that best fits your personal needs.



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25 April 2016