What is vaping and how does it work?
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What is vaping and how does it work?

Wow! Who would have thought that quitting smoking would be assisted by actually smoking something? Not too long ago, to quit smoking cigarettes or other types of smoking, one would have to go ‘cold turkey’ or visit the family doctor and obtain a prescription for a drug that would help with the cravings. The drug often came with more warnings than smoking itself. Then came nicotine gum and nicotine patches – both seemingly good ideas but did not address the mental aspects of smoking and the actual physical contact with a cigarette, cigar or pipe. Chewing tobacco often isn’t an option. Then along came ‘eCIGS’ – those little cigarettes that had the look and feel of the real deal.

They contained nicotine and flavored juices (even tobacco flavorings), but as time passed, these became expensive and were not effective and smokers went back to smoking real cigarettes. The little ‘eCIGS’ can now be purchased in most convenience stores and drug stores, but are considered old school. They are often used for emergency smoking.

Along came ‘vaping’ – this is the absolute top-of-the-line replacement for smoking of any kind. A vapor of steam is produced with a process called electropressure which produces resistance which in turn creates the ‘smoke’ or steam which has the same look and feel in the throat as smoke. When the ‘smoke’ is exhaled, it dissipates into the air leaving no residual trace or odors. The surrounding area is unaffected by the smells and chemicals that would be left behind by a tobacco product and the user can smoke pretty much where they wish. The steam is simply gone.


So, how does the newer vape atomizer system work?


Picture yourself pouring water through a funnel. You would call that ‘a current of water’ which is measured in gallons per minute. A similar action happens when you turn on your vape. Instead of water flowing through a hose, a current of electricity flows through one or two wires. Water can be measured in gallons per minute. Electrical current is measured in amps. When current flows through a wire, it causes friction which generates heat. Power is the rate that the current is converted to heat and then is measured into watts. With water and a hose, the higher the hose is held, the higher the flow rate. With the vape, voltage is the electropressure. Voltage pushes the current through the wire. As you raise the voltage, the electrical pressure goes up. In turn, the current flow increases and the power increases.


This is a bare minimum explanation about how a vape system works to create the smoke. Talking to a vape expert is your next step. They can demonstrate the process for you and allow you to try the product. The juices used in a vape come in a variety of flavors. For the smoker who wants to quit tobacco products, nicotine is available in varying doses. Weaning off of nicotine has never been easier.

The average person has many questions. Your local vape shop can answer them all. Before you light another tobacco product, visit a vape merchant today.