Where Can You Vape?
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bearded man with e-cigarette outdoors on summer day

bearded man with e-cigarette outdoors on summer day

Have you ever wondered that? Now that you have started vaping, you may be asking yourself where can or can’t you vape?


It is probably safe to say that there are a few obvious places you shouldn’t vape such as in the movie theatre or having dinner at a restaurant or even eating dinner at the dinner table. Another place to avoid vaping would be in an open office where other people are right next to you.


You can vape legally almost anywhere (it’s not a drug), but vapers are being increasingly legislated across the world.  Like cigarette smokers, you may find there are more restrictions on where you can use your vaporizer or mod.

Just be courteous of people around you and respect the rules and you’ll be fine.  For an upscale vaping environment come in visit of Fort Worth Vapor Store located on the border of Ft. Worth, Keller, and Watauga. We are located in the Parkway Plaza shopping Center between Freebirds and Bahama Bucks.