Which Type of Device Is Right For You?
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Everyone’s got their go-to flavors, feel, and nicotine strength when it comes to e-cigs. With options on the market ranging from disposable cartridges to pods, and from mods to traditional e-cigs, you may be wondering which one is right for you? Ultimately, and as with many things in life, this will boil down to user preference. However, we’ve compiled a compelling arguments in favor of each for you to come to your own conclusions.


Which kind of e-cig is best for you?


Cartridge e-cigs


A big draw for these guys is the convenience factor.

Vapers never have to worry about their device losing charge or carrying a batter around.

Packaged in single-serve containers for easy transport and access, easily disposable in a battery-recycling bin. It really is that simple.


Another advantage is the ability to try a number of different flavors before committing. The self-serve packaging allows even the most restless vaper to switch up their e-juice flavor whenever they want, without having to invest in multiple devices or tanks.


Pod e-cigs


Pod systems have stormed the vape scene this summer, probably due to the number of new nicotine salts hitting the market. Why? Nicotine salt e-liquid is perfect for the tight draw, mouth to lung vaping encouraged by pod systems.


As the name suggests, pod systems are e-cigarettes that use a “pod” rather than a traditional tank or atomizer. These pods do the same job as the aforementioned device pieces: they hold the e-liquid and vaporize it, delivering that vapor through the mouthpiece.


Consumers attracted to pod devices enjoy their compact nature, easy-to-use technology, affordability, and discretion.


Box mod e-cigs


For advanced vapors concerned with customizability, the box mod is the ultimate vaporizer. Whether liking the ability to alternate the intensity level of a throat hit or just having an extensive collection of atomizers, box mods offer users the most customization potential of any vaporizer.


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