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E-Cigarettes Saving Lives?

E-Cigarettes have some interesting statistics that are surprising to many. The world contains roughly 1.3 billion smokers, which approximately leads to six million smoking-related deaths every year. For example, focusing just on the UK, 80,000 deaths each year are caused from smoking cigarettes. What is even worse is that for every death, there are at […]

Vaping While Traveling

For people who do not know what vaping is, it looks like ‘smoking’ which immediately puts up a red flag. Since smoking has now been banned in many public areas around the country, vaping is misunderstood with regards to health and safety. This will change slowly over time, but until then, if you’re traveling and […]

E-Cigarettes: New Route To Health Improvement

Prime Minister, David Cameron, made some positive comments about how e-cigarettes are a “legitimate path” for improving the overall health of the nation.   While speaking at the Prime Minister’s Question time last week, Cameron stated that the battle he was going through with smoking ultimately came out successful. He stressed that the government should […]

New Data From The CDC Data Shocks E-Cigarette Criticizers

There has been new light shed on the battle between E-Cigarette users and their criticizers. With a lot of people viewing e-cigarettes as a gateway drug, criticizers completely believe that non-smokers will transfer from e-cigarettes to testing with the real thing. There’s also a fear of the mysterious long-term future effects of using e-cigarettes due […]